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CyberEd Wiki is a community project of the cybersecurity education community including the NSA/DHS Centers for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense.

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Welcome to "A Wiki Space for Information Security Education Exchange!"

The objective of the CyberEd Wiki is to foster a sharing community of educators from institutions in the Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) program and others interested in improving their cybersecurity education resources. This community maintained, mediated online wiki platform will assist with mapping resources and tools to the Knowledge Unit (KU) system designed to cover required learning areas in cybersecurity. Through this wiki, participants will share a variety of educational materials such as texts, labs, tools, and exams. This project will help reduce the amount of work required to build and retool classes to the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity. Let us engage in this wonderful opportunity to improve the quality of our Cyber Security Education which will invariably contribute towards our Nation's Cyber Security!

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Knowledge Units (KU)

What is a Knowledge Unit?

Specialization Areas

Groupings of knowledge units that demonstrate functional specialization of a program.

CAE-CO Knowledge Units

CAE-CO Knowledge Units

CSEC 2017 Report

NICE and NICE Framework

Industry Certifications


The CyberEd Wiki project was created with support from NSF grant 1465260 SaTC-EDU:EAGER:A Wiki Space for Information Security Education Exchange