Operating Systems Hardening (2020)

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The intent of the Operating Systems Hardening Knowledge Unit is to provide students with the ability to apply methods such as managing applications, services, and network ports to improve the robustness of operating systems.


After completing the KU, students will be able to:

  1. Describe, for a given OS, the steps necessary for hardening the OS with respect to various applications.
  2. Securely install a given OS, remove or shut down unnecessary components and services, close unnecessary ports, and ensure that all patches and updates are applied.


  1. Secure Installation
  2. Removing unnecessary components
  3. File system maintenance (isolation of sensitive data)
  4. User restrictions (access and authorizations)
  5. User/Group/File Management
  6. Password Standards and Requirements
  7. Shutting Down Unnecessary/Unneeded Services
  8. Closing Unnecessary/Unneeded Ports
  9. Patch Management/Software Updates
  10. Virtualization
  11. Vulnerability Scanning


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