Operating Systems Concepts (2014)

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This is the approved element for 2014 per the Centers of Academic Excellence program office.<ref>CAE Requirements and Resources</ref> The intent of this Knowledge Unit is to provide students with an understanding of the roles of an operating system, its basic functions, and the services provided by the operating system.


  • Students will be able to identify the major concepts in modern operating systems and the basic security issues in OS design and implementation (how the first principles of security apply to operating systems).


  • Privileged and non-privileged states
  • Processes and Threads (and their management)
  • Memory (real, virtual, and management)
  • Files Systems
  • Access Controls (Models and Mechanisms)
    • Access control lists
  • Virtualization / Hypervisors
  • How does the an OS protect itself from attack?
  • Fundamental Security Design Principles as applied to an OS
    • Domain separation, process isolation, resource encapsulation, least privilege


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