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Editing this wiki requires learning the syntax of wiki text and understanding the mechanics of peer production. Some CyberEd Wiki users may have significant experience editing and creating wikis. They're a great way to harness the input of multiple contributors to a single topic or theme.

First off, Wiki what's a wiki? Simple answer - a wiki is a website that provides collaborative modification of its content and structure directly from the web browser. This wiki employs the MediaWiki software, the same software that is employed by Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia and the world's sixth-most popular website (according to Alexa, November 22, 2016).

There is a small learning curve in learning the wiki text syntax. Although WYSIWYG editing tools now exist for MediaWiki, knowing the fundamentals of wiki markup is helpful. In addition we will establish templates for the sets of document types held in this wiki as they emerge. For now, please consult the Knowledge Unit (KU) template. Also, there are many great resources for editing wiki pages.

Creating Wiki Pages[edit]

How do I make my first wiki page?

For starters, you need to be a registered editor for CyberEd Wiki - that means having a CyberEd Wiki login and logging into the wiki to make contributions.

While many wiki editors may be happy to edit pages started by others, there will arise a need to create new CyberEd Wiki pages from time to time. Begin with consulting guidance on creating a new page.

Editing...the old fashioned way[edit]

Do you still markup your own html in Emacs or Notepad? Well, here's the section for you.

Once you have begun creating wiki pages, you're going to want to go back and edit them. Or maybe you'll never create a page, but bless the pages others have created with your attention. Wiki editing requires the mastery of a fairly simple syntax, called wiki text.

Among the tasks required to understand are:



If you like editing LaTeX, then you'll probably like this way. If you don't know what LaTeX is, then read on...

Editing...the new fangled way[edit]

For years Wikipedians and other wiki peoples argued the pros and cons of developing an easy WYSIWYG in-browser tool for editing wikis.

"We need to be more inclusive - make editing easier," the WYSIWYG proponents argued.

"No way - stupid people will edit if there's no syntax," the anti-WYSIWYG crowd retorted.

Well, after many attempts, a fairly definitive standard visual editor was developed. The Visual Editor was developed to serve as a fairly simple in-line editor. Try it out or don't.