Basic Cyber Operations (2020)

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The intent of the Basic Cyber Operations Knowledge Unit is to provide students with an understanding of the authorities, roles and steps associated with cyber operations.


After completing the KU, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the laws that provide US entities the authority to perform cyber operations.
  2. List the phases of a well organized cyber operation and describe the goals and objectives of each phase.
  3. Identify specific phases of a cyber operation in network traffic.
  4. Describe potential motivations that might prompt an entity to perform a cyber operation.


  1. Legal Authorities and Ethics
  2. Stages of a Cyber Operation (and details of each phase)
    1. Target Identification
    2. Reconnaissance o Gaining Access o Hiding Presence
    3. Establishing Persistence
    4. Execution
    5. Assessment
  3. Basic Process Modeling
  4. Validating Procedures
  5. Handling failures to follow procedures
  6. Case studies of actual cyber operations


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